Samuel Kehinde

Born on 3rd, MAY, NIGERIA
Film Director


Name Samuel Kehinde
Surname Njoku
Marital status Single
Birthday 3rd May
Nationality NIGERIAN
Languages English Yoruba


Mobile +234 8180249116
E-mail samuelnjoku0305@yahoo.co.uk
Website www.njokusamuelkehinde.com


Film Directing

  • 82%
Terrific visionary and can see film from its conception to final product cinematically


  • 70%
Amazing Actor with great heart of converting film scripts to reality.

Script Writing

  • 78%
Superb script writing skill to bring about great films.


Education & Production Company

Methodist University College Ghana

2011 — 2015

Studied At Methodist University College Ghana where i earned a Bsc. In Information Technology.

RSK Calidad Productions

Founded 2007

RSK Calidad Prodcutions was founded in 2007 by Njoku S. Kehinde, RSK which stands for Real Samuel Kehinde and Calidad which is Spanish word for Quality. This production company is set to project Revolutionary films at its peak.


Watching Movies

I love to watch movies alot because in them lies my school.


Get hands on my recipes and make meals work!.


Birds love to sing, i love to sing and make myself happy..

About me

Njoku Samuel Kehinde is an outstanding Filmmaker currently based in Ibadan, Oyo State. He is commited to engaging his crafts to inpire others to achieve greater good. Samuel discovered his filmmaking talent at a very young age, he realised his dream and embarked on his career. He then made his first short film sometime in January 2008 after a short term personal learning on how to make certain things works as a young filmmaker who cannot afford to pay casts and crew.

Without Film school Samuel had proven that School without a driven force(passion) is nothing and with passion alone without school you can achieve Ulimited distinctions. He somehow invented a style for himself by making close researchs on reputable filmakers and lots of skills developing filmmaking tutorial hosts online and has made films guided by his learning and researchs. Njoku Samuel Kehinde is A FILMMAKER, AN ENTERPRENEUR AND SINGER. A HAPPY GUY!!!